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    Project description

    Project Name BEST RESULT - Building and Energy Systems and Technologies in Renewable Energy Sources Update and Linked Training
    Implementation period: 1.07.2006 - 31.12.2008
    Project Coordinator:

    CRACA Centro Regionale di Assistenza per la Cooperazione Artigiana

    1. Centro Regionale di Assisnetza per la Cooperazione Artigiana Societa Cooperativa (CRACA) – Venezia, Italy – project coordinator
    2. Unione Provinciale Artigiani (UPA) – Padova,Italy
    3. Universita degli Studi di Padova – Padova, Italy
    4. Energy Management SRL (GFE) – Firenze, Italy
    5. Chambers’ Group for the Development of Greek Isles (EOAEN) – Chios, Greece
    6. SC Chiminform Data SA (CHD) – Bucharest, Romania
    7. Mid Wales Energy Agency Ltd (MWEA) – Machynlleth, United Kingdom
    8. Natonal Energy Conservation Agency (NAPE) – Warsaw, Poland
    9. Escola Superior de Technologia de Setubal (ESTSetubal) – Setubal, Portugal
    10. Universidad de Valladolid (UVA) – Valladolid, Spain
    11. ESCAN S.A – Madrid, Spain
    12. Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) – Pikermi, Greece
    13. Fundacion CENER-CIEMAT (CENER) – Nawarra, Spain
    14. Centro de Automatizacion, robotnica y Tecnologias de la Informacion y de la Fabricacion (CARTIF) – Valladolid, Spain
    15. Fundacion Asturiana de la Energis (FAEN) – Asturias, Spain
    Website: http://www.eaci-projects.eu/iee/page/Page.jsp?op=project_detail&prid=1448
    • a working strategy to extend the market of small scale RES applications in the building and energy sector through common and local activities addressing RES suppliers and consumers.
    • opening new market opportunities and raising suppliers’ awareness and knowledge of RES applications by providing information and suggestions on how to improve their positioning inside the market
    • information and communication activities targeting the general public or specific groups of consumers to simultaneously support the demand side
    • strategies for a better internal and external communication among all the supply and demand actors of the building RES market
    • 98 local specialized workshops and trainings addressing engineers (including 14 in Poland)
    • 21 seminars and workshops addressing suppliers (including 2 in Poland),
    • 4 university courses
    • 6 workshops on market development possibilities addressing suppliers
    • common E-learning platform
    • national studies on market demand for renewable technologies (questionnaires, interviews, etc.)
    • guidelines for suppliers concerning possibilities of renewable energy use in buildins
    • Code of Practice and Guidelines on small-scale RES applications in buildings
    • infolinie for suppliers and contractors
    • Web forum for suppliers
    • organization of exhibitions showing renewable energy use in the building sector
    Contact in NAPE: Małgorzata Popiołek, mpopiołek@nape.pl