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BREEAM analysis

BREEAM Environmental Assessment

The environmental certification of buildings is used as part of the building design and promotion process. The procedures and requirements included in the BREEAM certification scheme allow you to create a building with superior energy, environmental and visual quality.

NAPE takes into account in its analysis the environmental and energy aspects as well as indoor environmental quality. We are committed to support the initiatives enabling the achievement of above-average building properties and granting recognized world-wide voluntary certificate.

NAPE is a licensed BREEAM International certified environmental assessment company. We also offer partial analysis used in this certification.

Analyzes in BREEAM Certification System

Non-standard analyzes should be carried out under the BREEAM certification to demonstrate that the building assessed is characterized by better performance: lower energy consumption, better indoor environment or lighting than standard buildings.

NAPE performs such analyzes as:

  • Development of the building's energy model
  • Analysis of zero or low emission energy sources
  • Analysis of the thermal comfort of the rooms
  • Analysis of the use of natural ventilation
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC)