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    Project description

    Project Name DATAMINE Collecting Data from Energy certification to Monitor performance Indicators for New and Existing buildings
    Implementation period: 1.01.2006 - 31.12.2008
    Project Coordinator:

    Institut Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH

    1. Institut Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH
    2. National Energy Conservation Agency, Poland
    3. Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd, UK
    4. EBM-Consult BV, The Netherlands
    5. Politecnico di Torino – DENER, Italy
    6. National Observatory of Athens, Greece
    7. Vito nv Energietechnologie, Belgium
    8. Österreichische Energieagentur – Austrian Energy Agency, Austria
    9. Slovenian Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Slovenia
    10. Ecofys S.L., Spain
    11. Energy Action Ltd, Ireland
    12. Sofia Energy Agency, Bulgaria
    Website: http://www.meteo.noa.gr/datamine/
    • use the occasion of EPBD implementation and energy performance certification to collect data for evaluation of the applied solutions
    • creation of a database containing basic information about buildings and their characteristics
    • help decision makers in monitoring the implemented directive and taking legislative actions supporting its impact on the market
    • review of energy performance certification methods used in different countries
    • development of a uniform scheme of collecting data for different types of certificates (residential and non-residential buildings)
    • development of a method for monitoring quality of the building stock
    • proposing a uniform system for data collection and for monitoring effects of EPBD implementation on national and EU level
    Contact in NAPE:

    Małgorzata Popiołek, mpopiolek@nape.pl