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    Project description

    Project Name EPBD Platform - Better buildings for Europe: Assessing and communicating the buildings directive
    Implementation period: 21.12. 2005 - 31.08.2008
    Client: E.C. Contract TREN/D1/41-2005/S07.54810
    Project Coordinator:

    INIVE EEIG the International Network for Information on Ventilation and Energy Performance

    1. REHVA (EU)
    2. SBi (DK)
    3. BRE (UK)
    4. NAPE (PL)
    5. ISSO (NL)
    6. UP-FGT (PO)
    7. ENVIROS (CZ)
    Website: http://www.buildingsplatform.eu/
    • gathering and disseminating information about projects co-financed by the EU and national projects supporting EPBD implementation in the above mentioned countries
    • evaluating savings potential and comparing it with results after implementation
    • introducing methods of information sparing between all interested subjects
    • supporting EPBD implementation through coordination of cooperation between different subjects
    • developing tools, initializing and continuing evaluation of the effects of EPBD implementation based on preliminary experiences from these countries
    • Information about SAVE and other projects.
    • Information about actions taken by the European Commission to support EPBD implementation.
    • National reports on EPBD implementation – 2 from each country.
    • Report on procedures of energy performance of buildings certification.
    • Report on boilers and air-conditioning systems inspection (EPBD articles 8, 9).
    • Report on requirements for experts and inspectors (EPBD article 10).
    • Report on calculation methods CEN activities (EPBD articles 3, 13).
    • Report on minimum energy performance requirements (EPBD articles 4, 5, 6).
    • Updated database of publications (with partial translations), standards, events, and software.
    • Description of good practice examples.
    • Support in the creation of National Consultancy Groups.
    • Conclusions and recommendations for the European Commission concerning further research and development projects.
    Contact in NAPE:

    Aleksander Panek, apanek@nape.pl