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    Project description

    Project Name GREEN IT Green Initiative for energy efficient eco-products in the construction industry
    Implementation period: 1.01.2006 - 30.06.2008
    Project Coordinator:

    CRES – Centre for Renewable Energy Sources – Greece

    1. CRES Greece
    2. CSTB France
    3. BRE UK
    4. SBi Denmark
    5. Cenergia Denmark
    6. NAPE Poland
    7. INETI Portugal
    8. VTT Finland
    9. ECOFYS Germany
    Website: http://eaci-projects.eu/iee/page/Page.jsp?op=project_detail&prid=1598
    • introduce energy labelling in the European building construction products sector and accelerate the EU market transformation towards regulated Energy Performance of Buildings and improved “eco-designed” Energy-Using Products
    • pilot implementation of energy labelling of EU manufactured and marketed building products with customised approaches according to each participating country’s needs
    • motivate the sector to further comply with the new EPBD
    • pilot labelling scheme primarily based on thermal performance criteria and building operational energy within the EPBD needs
    • EU building products assessed, benchmarked and further labelled based on their contribution to the overall building performance
    • customisation of the labelling criteria and requirements to suit the actual market and industry demand of every country
    • labelling scheme, “e2pilot” sticker, online database intended to provide certified energy data (EU-mandatory data and national-voluntary data) from accredited institutions of building construction products to the interested parties (building designers, constructors, and end users)
    • workshops and thematic conference
    Contact in NAPE:

    Marek Amrozy, mamrozy@nape.pl