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    Project description

    Project Name PolSEFF - Polish Sustainable Energy Financing Facility
    Implementation period: 2011-2014
    Project Coordinator:

    PolSEFF Office
    Phone: +48 22 395 51 20
    Fax.: +48 22 395 51 23
    email: helpline@polseff.org

    Website: http://www.polseff.org/

    PolSEFF is a  EUR 150 million credit line to help small and medium sized businesses in Poland invest in new, sustainable energy technologies. PolSEFF credit lines up to €1 million are available through partner banks and leasing companies.

    PolSEFF is available for three major types of investment:

    • Simple investments based on list of eligible materials and equipment (LEME)
    • Large scale energy efficiency, renewable energy and building sector projects
    • Investments of Suppliers

    PolSEFF offers not only financing for technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption; it also offers free expertise to help you choose the investments that will be most effective and pay back quickly through energy savings.

    Contact in NAPE: Marek Amrozy, mamrozy@nape.pl