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    Project description

    Project Name PROMOTION 3E - Promotion of Energy-Efficient Appliances in Europe
    Implementation period: 1.11.2008 - 31.10.2011
    Project Coordinator:

    Escola Superior de Techniologia de Setubal - Portugal

    1. ENA - Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida - Portugal
    2. FS - Social Factor – Portugal
    3. AREAC - Energy and Environment Agency of Centre Region – Portugal
    4. AGENA - Agency for Energy and the Environment in the Province of Teramo – Italy
    5. TUC-ENV - Technical University of Crete – Greece
    6. NIEA - Northern Ireland Energy Agency – UK
    7. TGZ-BZ - Bautzen Innovation Centre – Germany
    8. EOAEN - Chambers Group for the Development of Greek Isles – Greece
    9. NAPE – National Energy Conservation Agency – Poland
    10. APEA - Energy Agency of the province of Ávila – Spain
    11. ALEAL Lyon - Local Energy Agency of the Greater Lyon - France
    Website: http://www.promotion3e.ips.pt/promotion3e/

    I. Information and support for shops:
    1. Study of training needs

    • customer surveys to identify customer purchasing habits and their decision making process
    • analysis of surveys

    2. Sales staff training

    • training material for the stores
    • training for the staff selling energy efficient appliances to improve their skills and quality of the information transmitted to the client

    II. Certification system

    • certification system for the stores participating in the project.
    • certification report, promotional materials

    III. Assessment and monitoring

    • evaluation of the impact of the project in participating stores

    IV. Communication and Dissemination
    Promote project activities among consumers and stores.
     web platform for information exchange between partners

    • newsletter
    • brochures in different languages
    • promotional tools at events
    • database
    • conferences
    • Raised awareness among consumers through campaigns that promoted efficient use of electrical equipment and encouraged energy savings.
    • Reduced energy consumption of appliances as a result of promoted efficient appliances.
    • Information and training for sales staff.
    • Raised awareness among the general public on the benefits of energy efficient  appliances.
    Contact in NAPE:

    Małogrzata Popiołek, mpopiolek@nape.pl