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    Project description

    Project Name UMBRELLA Business Model Innovation for High Performance Buildings Supported by Whole Life Cycle Optimisation
    Implementation period: 1/09/2012 - 31/08/2015
    Project Coordinator:

    Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd.
    Ruth Kerrigan, ruth.kerrigan@iesve.com

    Website: http://www.umbrella-project.eu/

    The UMBRELLA project is centred around the creation of new innovative business models tailored to various different stakeholders (e.g. building owner, building occupant, management company, public authority etc.), building types, climate and policy.
    The business models will examine split incentives of the stakeholders and policy and regulation of the building location. This will include financial, organisational and contractual models to:

    • ensure access to finance
    • outline the cost and ROI
    • outline the steps required for implementation
    • outline the products and services required for implementation
    • outline the contracts required to ensure the uptake of the solution
    • outline the contracts required to ensure energy consumption and carbon emission targets are being met

    The business models will be developed over the lifecycle of the building. Their implementation will be achieved through the development of an energy toolset, which will provide access to services and tools for:

    • The design and construction of high performance buildings
    • Retrofit solutions for existing buildings to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions
    • Real-time remote monitoring solutions for optimising the operational energy of buildings
    • End of life solutions for the disposal, re-use or re-cycling of building components

    The business models and UMBRELLA toolset will be connected via an online dynamic web portal. This will generate and recommend business models, while ensuring ease of access to information and enabling interaction and communication amongst the stakeholders based on current internet technologies. The portal will also provide an open architecture to allow other design, monitoring and end of life tools and services to be included. This allows the user to choose the best set of tools for their particular use case.