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Analysis of heating costs of building premises


The purpose of the analysis is to determine the rules for settling heating and hot water supply costs in residential buildings and multifunctional utilities buildings.


  • Verification of the design thermal load of the building
  • Calculation of seasonal demand for primary, final and utility energy
  • Analysis of the possibility of applying correction factors due to the location of the premises
  • Determining the unit cost of utility heat supplied for heating and hot water at current media prices
  • Development of corrective designs for the aforementioned cost in case of energy carrier price changes and the system determining the amount of advances, broken down by fixed and variable part
  • Preparation of the text of the rules for the settlement of heat costs


Ordered power is calculated on the basis of standard EN 12831 "Heating systems in buildings. Method of calculation of design thermal load ". The ventilation air flow for calculations will be calculated on the basis of the norm PN-EN 12831. Calculations are made using the AUDYTOR OZC 6.5 Pro computer program, adopting multiannual climatic data published on the Ministry of Infrastructure website for monthly average values of outdoor temperatures.

Calculations of heat demand for building heating are made on the basis of the norm PN-EN ISO 13790 "Energy performance of buildings. Calculation of energy consumption for heating and cooling "and The Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of 27 February 2015 on the methodology for determining the energy performance of a building or part of a building and energy performance certificates. Calculations are made using the computer program AUDYTOR OZC 6.5 Pro.

The ventilation air flow is determined by the norm PN-83 / B-03430 / Az3: 2000.

Calculations comply with the following standards and regulations:


Residential buildings of the Konstancin-Jeziorna Property Management Plant (2010)

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