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Assessment of the possibilities of modernization of the interior lighting of the building


Determining the possibilities of improving the efficiency of lighting in the facility and presenting the estimated investment costs together with the economic effects of the proposed modernization. Adjusting the internal lighting system to the applicable regulations, as well as improving lighting quality and ergonomics.


  • Inventory of building lighting
  • Measurement of light intensity in selected locations
  • Assessment of energy consumption, existing building lighting system (Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator (LENI)
  • Proposals of solutions improving the energy efficiency of the lighting system
  • Estimation of investment costs and effects of reduction of electricity consumption of proposed modernization.


The task of lighting inventory is to determine the number of installed lighting points and types of light sources used, and then estimate the amount of electricity consumed by them. The measurements of the light intensity Eśr and the reflectance of the surface are carried out in accordance with the applicable standard PN-EN 12464-1. The lighting conditions are considered to be correct if the average Eśr light intensity is equal to or higher than that required by the standard and the following regulations, guidelines and standards:

  • Standard PN-82 / E-04040.03. Photometric and radiometric measurements. Light intensity measurement
  • Standard PN-EN 15193-1: 2017-08: Energy performance of buildings - Energy requirements for lighting - Part 1: Specifications, Module M9
  • Standard PN-EN 12464-1: 2012: Light and lighting - Lighting of work places - Part 1: Indoor work places
  • Standard PN-EN 12665: 2011: Light and lighting - Basic terms and criteria for specifying lighting requirements
  • Standard PN-EN 60598-1:2015-04: Luminaires - Part 1: General requirements and tests
  • Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 April 2002 on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location (Journal of Laws No. 75, item 690)
  • Ordinance of the Minister of Economy of 21 August 2007 on the essential requirements for electrical equipment (OJ 155, item 1089)
  • Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labor of 14 June 2005 on essential energy efficiency requirements for ballasts for fluorescent lamps (OJ L 110, item 929)
  • Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 26 September 1997 on general provisions on occupational safety and health (OJ 2003 No. 169 item 1650 as amended).


  • Auditing of internal lighting in 21 buildings of the Warsaw University of Technology (EU project Ecological Renovation of Buildings of the PW, 2008)
  • Lighting audit of the Industrial Institute of Automation and Measurements PIAP (2010)
  • Estimation of the potential of modernization of internal lighting of public buildings and street lighting in 110 municipalities in the province of North-East Poland (GEF project for Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego)

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