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Design of the assumptions for the heat supply plan


  • Providing the municipalities with the information they need to carry out planned and coordinated energy management.
  • Balancing the existing state of the energy use in the municipality.
  • Demonstrate the reserves that are in the rational use of energy by key customers.


  • • Identification of existing status including:
    - characteristics of the municipality, climatic conditions, etc.
    - characteristics of existing heat consumers
    - characteristics of existing heat sources and energy subsystems
    - characteristics of local resources and energy reserves
  • Defining the scope of undertakings that rationalize the use of heat by customers and users together with the assessment of the effects obtained by realizing particular types of projects.
  • Determining the scope of modernization of existing sources and methods of supplying heat together with the evaluation of effects obtained through the implementation of particular modernization tasks.
  • Information obtained from the energetic companies operating in the municipality and their proposals concerning their development possibilities, the conditions of delivery of energy and heat carriers,
  • Analysis of the local spatial development plan and inventory of new investment areas along with their function and assessment of potential heating needs and the rate of their growth in subsequent years.


As a result of the identification of the existing state, the following are obtained:

  • Inventory of thermal needs and the method of covering these needs together with the definition of current density indices in individual municipality areas and mapping of thermal density for the entire municipality area
  • Inventory and assessment of the existing state in particular heat supply subsystems, in particular the location of the facilities and their rated and used capacity, transmission capacity in networks, etc .:
    - in the heating subsystem (central heat sources, heat networks, pumping stations, group and individual heat exchangers and receiving installations)
    - in the gas subsystem (high, medium and low pressure pipelines, reduction stations and gas boilers)
    - in the power subsystem (high, medium and low voltage networks, transformer stations, and facilities and installations using electricity for heating purposes)
    - Other (local) heat supply subsystems (local solid fuel and oil boilers, individual furnaces and solid fuel boilers, etc.)
  • Inventory of local energy resources, including localization and identification (including assessment of the scope and use of them):
    - reserve of heat power in existing heat sources
    - unused resources of combustible production and urban waste
    - Unused local fuel resources
    - Unused potential of waste heat in industry
    - the possibility of introducing or increasing the range of combined heat and power production,

As a result of the rationalization of heat users and the scope of modernization of existing sources and subsystems of heat supply, and after analyzing the information and proposals received from energy companies and inventing new investment areas, it will be possible to implement:

  • update of thermal needs in the municipality including new investment areas and effects of modernization of existing customers and heat supply subsystems (update and determination of the trend of changes in density indices in particular municipality areas)
  • analysis of needs and evaluation of opportunities and scope of cooperation with other municipalities (use of surplus or coverage of deficiencies)
  • Identify potential (technically achievable) solutions and scope of modernization tasks as assumptions for the heat supply plan

The plan is made in accordance with the requirements specified in the Energy Law Act in force.


Projects of assumptions were made, inter alia for:
Łomża, Ostrołęka, Giżycko, Hajnówka, Pisz, Suwałki, Bielsk Podlaski, Siemiatycze, Dąbrowa Białostocka, Nowy Dęba, Moniek, Czarna Białostocka, Ełk Commune, Sulejówek, Piaseczno, Poświętne Communes

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