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Detailed energy analysis

As a part of the energy audit of the company or as separate orders, we perform the following detailed analyzes:

  • Detailed analysis of the resources and quality of waste of heat as well as the possibilities of its use. In the plant, as a result of the production processes carried out, waste of heat with different parameters is created. As a part of the audit, the amount of waste of heat resources, their variability and temperature of heat carriers can be assessed. Based on the obtained data and the results of analyzes for buildings and the thermal needs of technological installations, a technical and economic analysis of the utilization of waste of heat will be developed.
  • Detailed analysis of comprehensive lighting modernization.
  • Assessment of the efficiency of the compressed air system operation based on measurements at the compressor room.
  • Thermovision of the buildings and technical installations in the field of energy diagnostics.
  • Electrical measurements of the operation characteristics of devices with a significant energy consumption.
  • Detailed analysis of the energy efficiency of ventilation systems.
  • Detailed analysis of the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems.
  • Detailed analysis of the energy efficiency of heat sources.
  • Detailed analysis of the energy efficiency of transformer stations.
  • Detailed analysis of the possibilities of using a selected renewable source of energy (PV, solar collectors, heat pumps, biomass boilers, biomass cogeneration, wind farms, etc.).
  • Technical and economic analysis of the optimization of gas or electricity purchase costs.
  • Energy efficiency audit for a project selected by the Purchaser in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Act (enabling the Purchaser to obtain additional funding for the implementation of the investment).
  • Detailed energy analysis of the heating network. The purpose of which is to determine the technical condition and mode of operation of heating equipment. The network analysis will include an assessment of the state of the heat distribution system at the plant with an estimate of the profitability of its modernization.
  • Other detailed analyzes to be agreed.