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Energy audit of a residential building

(pursuant to the Act on Renovation and Thermo-Modernization)


Indication of the scope of financial and material investment leading to the reduction of heating bills for heating of rooms and heating of water, using the loan with the thermomodernization bonus.

Sample cost of operation of the premises of 41 m2 with two tenants


The audit is a document conforming to the requirements set out in the "Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 17 March 2009 on the detailed scope and forms of the energy audit and parts of the renovation audit, models of audit cards, as well as the algorithm to assess the cost-effectiveness of the thermomodernization project", which was amended by the “Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of 3 September 2015 amending the Regulation on the detailed scope and forms of energy audit and the part of the repair audit, the design of audit cards, and the algorithm for assessing the cost-effectiveness of the thermal modernization project.”

Energy audit is the premise for a building project. It is also the basis for verifying the ordered power as it covers the calculation of the current heat load. A well-verified audit is necessary (along with crediting the client's creditworthiness) to grant a loan, repayment partially due to reduced heating costs.

After verification of the audit by BGK and receiving the promise of payment of the thermo-modernization or repair bonus the customer enters into a loan agreement with one of the banks cooperating with BGK. At the end of the investment, a premium of 20% of the loan will be paid, but cannot exceed:

1. 16% of the costs of thermal modernization and
2. Two years savings in heating costs.


  • Assessment of the current technical condition of the building and its installations.
  • Determining the energy performance of a building.
  • List of thermo-modernization improvements included in the thermo-modernization project.
  • Technical description intended for the realization of the thermo-modernization project.
  • Economic assessment of the selected variant.


The following rules and standards are used in the study:


More than 3,000 audits were performed, of which around 1,200 for housing communities, the remaining for housing cooperatives, local government units and budgetary units in Warsaw and in the mazowieckie, lubelskie, podlaskie, warmińsko-mazurskie, pomorskie, podkarpackie and świętokrzyskie voivodeships. We guarantee a positive verification of the audit by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

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