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Evaluation of quality of thermal insulation of the building envelope using a thermal imaging camera


Non-invasive detection:

  • Defects in technological building partitions, defects in thermal insulation, thermal bridges, humidification, air infiltration
  • Locate pipes with hot water and leaks
  • Bad thermal insulation of boilers, pipelines, insulated ducts
  • Localization of the heat distribution network (inventory)

The thermal insulation tests allow to assess the thermal insulation of partitions not only to determine the need for thermo-modernization tasks, but also to check the quality of thermo-modernization works. Thermograms show shortcomings and performance deficiencies which result in increased heat escape from the building.


The study includes:

  • Review of the technical documentation of the building - Identification of possible places at risk of thermal defects
  • Review of the building (interview with users, possible measurements of internal conditions, analysis of reported comments)
  • Thermal imaging - thermograms and registration of possible spots of thermal defects (thermograms from the outside and inside according to the needs of the client based on comments submitted by users)
  • Description and analysis of executed thermograms
  • Description and analysis of the causes of moisture and mold on surfaces of external partitions
  • Summary (indication of defects in the thermal insulation of the building and estimation of thermophysical parameters of the outer partitions)

The detailed scope is always agreed with the client. Depending on the problems encountered, some of the elements mentioned in the development may be omitted or the scope of the heat balance analysis can be extended by using the thermal imaging tests. The result of the study is a report prepared in accordance with EN 13187 " Thermal performance for buildings.Qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes – Infrared method".


Infrared thermography is a technique for visualizing and recording surface temperature fields of objects under investigation by detecting infrared radiation coming from them. The result of the measurement is the so-called. Thermogram, which is the image in which the temperature field is represented in the selected color palette or in the shades of gray.

The offer of NAPE SA includes:

  • Checking the quality of insulation
  • Determining the causes of mold growth
  • Detection of dampness of external partitions
  • Checking the chimney insulation
  • Troubleshooting floor heating (all types)
  • Localization of underfloor heating (all types)
  • Check the condition of radiators

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