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Performance of the building's environmental characteristics - qualitative assessment


  • Evaluating the impact of a building on the environment throughout its life cycle or in its individual phases.
  • Raising awareness among users / owners / managers of the environmental performance of their buildings.

The qualitative assessment of the building's environmental characteristics can be an alternative to complex environmental assessment methods not suited to Polish conditions.


  • Determining the scope of the assessment (whole life cycle, one or several of the phases: construction, operation, modernization, demolition).
  • Description of the characteristics of the building being assessed.
  • Evaluation of individual criteria describing the environmental quality of a building.
  • Evaluation results.
  • Preparation of a quality assessment report for a building.


The new E-STEP evaluation method is used to determine the environmental characteristics of a building throughout its life cycle. It was created within the STEP project of the Warsaw University of Technology. This method is based on the experience and analysis of the STEP project on the environmental impact of buildings and its scope on relevant European standards. The proposed method of calculating LCA is a simplification of international method SBTool. Evaluation is made using the program created for this purpose, which results in the building's environmental characteristics.

The qualitative assessment of the building is a subjective assessment of the criteria affecting the building's environmental quality. The evaluation is conducted for five main divisions: relations with the external and internal environment, impacts and environmental aspects based on LCA analysis and economic analysis. Each section contains a number of criteria for which the notes are awarded. They determine whether the criterion meets the current requirements, whether a criterion has been neglected or whether environmental criteria have been applied.

The method also uses LCA analysis, which determines the amount of materials used to build / modernize an object and on this basis the environmental impact associated with the energy embedded in the object being evaluated.



Buildings of primary school, kindergartens, gymnasiums, libraries, clinics and commune office in Zabłudów, Primary School in Dobrzyniówka, Primary School in Białostoczek.


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