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Performance of the building's environmental characteristics - quantitative assessment


  • Assessment of the impact of the building on the environment during its operation.
  • Raising awareness among users / owners / managers of the environmental performance of their buildings.

The quantitative assessment of the building's environmental characteristics is an alternative to complex LEED or BREEAM environmental assessment methods.


  • Identification of indicators characterizing the impact of the assessed building on the environment.
  • Determination of reference values.
  • Development of the environmental performance certificate of the building in the operation phase.


The new NE-STEP assessment method is used to determine the environmental performance of the building. It was created within the framework of co-operation of the STEP project of the Warsaw University of Technology and the NEW EXPERT of the Energy Conservation Foundation. This method is based on the experiences and analysis of the STEP project on the environmental impact of buildings. Evaluation is made using the created program for this purpose, and its result is the environmental characteristics of the building. The environmental performance of a building in the operational phase is assessed on the basis of five parameters:

  • heat consumption for heating and domestic hot water preparation,
  • the cost of pollutant emissions,
  • water consumption,
  • municipal waste generation,
  • the installed lighting capacity.

These values are compared with the reference values for a building of the same shape and purpose but meeting the energy consumption requirements for which the media consumption is at an average level. Determination of average values depends on the location of the facility (eg small towns or large cities) and on the destination of the building (eg residential buildings, public housing or public buildings).

The analysis includes the following steps:

  • determonation of basic building data (volume, heated area, number of users),
  • determination of heat consumption for heating and hot water preparation purposes,
  • determination of heat source in the building,
  • determination of annual water consumption in the building,
  • determination of annual production of municipal waste,
  • inventory of lighting to determine installed capacity,
  • comparison of parameter values with reference values,
  • generating a building environmental performance certificate.



Buildings of primary school, kindergartens, gymnasiums, libraries, clinics and commune office in Zabłudów, Primary School in Dobrzyniówka, Primary School in Białostoczek


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