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Pre-design concept of ventilation and air conditioning system of buildings


Presentation of the concept of modernization of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of the building to the extent necessary to develop the energy audit of the building and / or select the optimum system for ensuring the required indoor air parameters. The concept is based on current legal regulations and technical solutions to meet the requirements of thermal comfort (or technological requirements of the air) while reducing energy consumption, especially for air treatment processes.


  • Analysis of requirements for internal air parameters
  • Analysis of ventilation requirements for individual rooms, including the required ventilation air flow in rooms
  • Estimate of the occurrence of the heat gain and the possibility of their limitation
  • Technological concept of modernization of the air conditioning and ventilation system together with the definition of the strategy of cooperation of the heating system with the ventilation system and possibly air conditioning
  • Economic and energy analysis of variants of ventilation and air conditioning modernization
  • Ventilation and air conditioning scheme for the selected variant


On the basis of the analysis of the requirements for indoor air parameters, ventilation intensity and heat gain load, technological concepts of modernization of air conditioning and ventilation systems are developed. For these concepts simulations of heat and cooling consumption are carried out and the operating and investment costs are determined. This is the basis for optimizing the system to ensure the required quality parameters with the highest possible energy efficiency. For the optimum system, preliminary selection of technical solutions and equipment is carried out.

Legal basis:

  • Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 April 2002 on the technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1409, as amended.2)) - unified text of September 2015
  • Polish standard PN-B-03421: 1978 - "Ventilation and air conditioning - Parameters of indoor air in rooms intended for permanent residence"
  • European standard PN-EN 15251: 2012 - “Indoor Environmental Input Parameters For Design And Assessment Of Energy Performance Of Buildings Addressing Indoor Air Quality, Thermal Environment, Lighting And Acoustics”
  • Polish standard PN-B-03430: 1983 / Az3: 2000 - "Ventilation in residential buildings of public housing and public utilities - Requirements"
  • European standard PN-EN ISO 52016-1:2017- "Energy performance of buildings -- Energy needs for heating and cooling, internal temperatures and sensible and latent heat loads -- Part 1: Calculation procedures”
  • European standard PN-EN ISO 13789: 2017-10 - " Thermal performance of buildings -- Transmission and ventilation heat transfer coefficients -- Calculation method”
  • European standard PN-EN ISO 15927-4: 2007 - “Hygrothermal performance of buildings -- Calculation and presentation of climatic data -- Part 4: Hourly data for assessing the annual energy use for heating and cooling”
  • European standard PN-EN 16798-5-1:2017-07 - “Energy performance of buildings. Ventilation for buildings. Calculation methods for energy requirements of ventilation and air conditioning systems (Modules M5-6, M5-8, M6-5, M6-8, M7-5, M7-8). Method 1: Distribution and generation”


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