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Preliminary energy audit


Investor support at the investment planning stage. Estimation of the basic quantities that help in choosing an investment strategy.


Preliminary audit responds to the following questions:

  • What will be the estimated cost of the investment?
  • What energy savings and operating costs should you expect?
  • Does the planned investment have a chance to meet the requirements of the Act on the promotion of thermo-modernization projects and repairs?
  • What scope of work is within the scope of the investor's financial capacity?

On the basis of the calculated values, the investor can optimally plan the investment. At the same time, initial estimates of investment costs and thermo-modernization bonuses are helpful in deciding to use the thermo-modernization bonus and carry out a detailed audit.


Preliminary audit is performed by the calculation method developed by the National Energy Conservation Agency on the basis of the form completed by the investor or - in special cases - on the basis of the full technical documentation submitted.


More than 300 studies for the needs of housing communities, hotel owners, boarding houses and other buildings. Using this method, a tool was created for applying for preferential loans at the Bank for the Protection of the Environment in the years 2005-2010.

Persons responsible for contact with customers

Internet order for an initial energy audit should be addressed to nape@nape.pl.

After receiving an order confirmation, the completed form should be sent to mamrozy@nape.pl.

The pre-audit will be delivered to the customer electronically within 3 business days.

Files to download: