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Solar energy

The Sun is the primary source of energy for our planet. Millions years ago, the sun's energy reaching the ground has been trapped in coal, oil, natural gas, e.c.t. Thanks to the Sun, we have also the wind energy or energy of the sea waves. We can also directly use solar energy by using special systems to capture and storage the solar energy.

The measure of the amount of solar radiation coming from the sun to the Earth is the "solar constant". It is the value of the density of solar radiation energy on the surface of the stratosphere and is currently 1.4 kW / m2.

In general, in the Poland are good conditions for the use of solar radiation by adapting the type of systems and properties of devices that use this energy to character, structure, and distribution during solar radiation. The short-term development prospects of solar energy conversion technologies are based on the use of solar collectors and photovoltaics.