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Thermomodernization bonus

The thermo-modernization bonus is granted upon demonstration that the realized investment fulfills all the statutory requirements, ie if following the implementation of the project:

  1. reduction of annual energy demand:
    in buildings where the heating system is only modernized - by at least 10%;
    in buildings where, after 1984, the heating system was modernized - by at least 15%;
    other buildings - at least 25%
  2. reduction of annual energy losses by at least 25%
  3. reduction of annual cost of acquisition of heat by at least 20%
  4. conversion of energy sources to renewable sources or use of high-efficiency cogeneration

The amount of the thermo-modernization bonus represents 20% of the loan taken out for the purpose of the investment, but may not exceed:

  1. 16% of the costs incurred for realization of the thermomodernization project and
  2. twice the expected annual energy cost savings

This system includes thermomodernization projects in the following facilities:

  • residential buildings, regardless of the form of their property (private, cooperative, residential, office, urban),
  • collective housing (social welfare homes, workers' hotels, student homes, boarding schools and dormitories, children's homes, pension houses and similar buildings, including the presbytery, monastic houses and monasteries ...),
  • buildings owned by local government units for the purpose of performing public tasks (schools, office buildings ...).