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Thermomodernization projects

Energy audits may include all projects that:

1. reduce energy consumption or loss, e.g.:

  • insulation (walls, roofs, ceilings over unheated basements),
  • replacement or repair of windows,
  • installation of thermostatic valves,
  • the insulation of pipes,
  • application of weather automation,
  • modernization of the hot water supply system,
  • use of mechanical ventilation,

2. reduce the annual cost of energy, e.g.:

  • change of energy source,
  • change of energy carrier,

3. conversion of energy sources to renewable or high-efficiency cogeneration, e.g.:

  • use of solar collectors.

Credit granted to the realization of a thermomodernization undertaking can not be used to finance works which:

  • another credit was granted to which the thermomodernization or repair bonus was granted,
  • funds from the European Union budget were obtained.