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Wind energy

The wind energy comes because of the fact that about 1-2% of the solar radiation reaching within 1 second to the Earth converts into kinetic energy of air currents, which is the power of 1000-2000 TW. The wind power plants are increasingly being built. The power of the largest wind generators driving electric generators is 9 MW, but the most economical are the units of 200-400kw. Wind turbine works, wthen the wind speed is 3-15 m / s.

In the Poland the average annual wind speed is 3.4 m / s, while on the Baltic coast at high of 20 m it is 5-6 m / s. There are large regional differences in wind energy resources. On the 75% of the country's surface area the wind turbines can be useful for 40% time of the year, and only 35% of the country's area meets the benchmark of economic viability.