14th of June 2022, 9:30 – 11:00

Why is the topic important and relevant right now?

Early and well-prepared launch of planned support programs designed like long-term open calls and adequate investments into consulting centres with technique and financial help.
This would be the best approach to rapid drawing of funds for the quality renovation of buildings with the achievement of energy efficiency and the replacement of the boiler to renewable.
How can construction sector better use better existing capacities, manage investments from the Recovery Plan and use the potential of buildings in reducing dependence on imports of not only Russian fossil fuels?


1. What’s new for builsings in EU energy policies and strategies? Bogdan Atanasiu, European Commision, DG Energy

2. Addressing the gapas in Polish renovation policies with European good practices, Aneta Stefańczyk, Instytut Reform

3. Recomendations for succesfull support programme, Justyna Glusman, Fala Renowacji

4. Finindgs from the analysis of Slovak support scheme for buildings renovation, Katerina Nikodemova, Buildings for the Future

5. Good practices from Hungarian One-stop-shop, Schum Gergely, Energiaklub


Visegrad Fund - Wydział Nauk o Polityce i Bezpieczeństwie - Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu


Webinar is a part of prjoect “Increasing renovation rate of buildings in Visegrad countries through Renovation Wave” funded by Visegrad Fund