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    Project description

    Project Name BioEnergyFarm
    Implementation period: 1.06.2010 - 31.03.2013
    Project Coordinator:

    Cornelissen Consulting Services B.V., The Netherlands

    1. University of Turin, Italy
    2. National Energy Conservation Agency, Poland
    3. University of Stuttgart, Germany
    4. Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia
    5. German Society for sustainable Biogas and Bioenergy Utilisation, Germany
    6. Confederation Italian Farmers, Italy
    7. ZET Solutions, Netherlands
    8. Biogas-E, Belgium
    9. Stimuland, Netherlands
    10. Estonian Federation of Farmers, Estonia
    Website: http://www.bioenergyfarm.pl/

    Directed mainly towards farmers, foresters, and landowners, the project was concerned with increasing the use and production of bio energy and bio fuels in agriculture through providing free access to:

    • reliable information on bio energy and bio fuels
    • calculation tools necessary to evaluate profitability of bio energy and bio fuels for each individual case
    • expert advice and support
    • European Bio Energy Platform
    • Online Bio Energy Scan
    • Online EnergyFarm tool
    • Online Short Rotation Forestry tool
    • Online Forestry4Energy tool
    • A training programme for experts on how to implement bio energy on the farm
    • 52 experts trained to advise the farmers
    • 400 bio energy scans showing the possibilities of bio energy on the farm
    • Implementation assistance leading to 80 business plans
    • Offline Anaerobic Digestion Profit Calculator
    • Offline Wood Combustion Profit Calculator
    • A guide on the implementation of bio energy options on farms
    • 12 workshops, 18 visits to best practice sites and 30 articles
    Contact in NAPE:

    Andrzej Rajkiewicz, arajkiewicz@nape.pl